Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Tuesday's Tip -- Testing, One, Two, Three

Time to get this show on the road again, and what better way than admitting to a mistake. Would you believe my scanner failed to work when I needed it? Because scanning heritage photos is the key to my sharing and scrapping philosophy, that's an embarrassing admission. Fortunately I was not sitting at a cousin's house, trying to scan photos.

Sometime over the past few months, an upgrade caused a problem with my favorite little flatbed scanner. It's about 9 years old, but a great travel scanner. I think it was the most recent upgrade of Photoshop Elements that was incompatible with the scanner. But I had never even thought about testing any of my equipment after the upgrade.

I now have a new little flatbed scanner to tuck in my travel case. And I also have a new tip for you and for me: test your computer equipment a couple of weeks before you need to use it on a trip!

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