Sunday, May 26, 2013

AncestryDNA Frustrations, Features and Alternatives

Today I've been having some challenges with AncestryDNA not performing well. So I searched Twitter for tweets using hashtag #ancestrydna

The recent tweets are very interesting and lead to a number of informative blog posts! I'm glad to know other users are using the Beta Feedback button to tell Ancestry what we need. And I'm not the only one saying that AncestryDNA has a long way to go. Ancestry is promising a search tool this summer for our DNA matches, thank goodness.

But even more exciting, I learned about another DNA tool -- a free tool. Check out this comic strip:
Find New Ancestors with DNA! (

I've now signed up at and have uploaded my AncestryDNA data. The site is having problems due to overwhelming demand from frustrated AncestryDNA users. They estimate that I may have match data in about two weeks, but I'm sure that will depend on when they fix the issues.

I'm looking forward to seeing the DNA match results from GedMatch. I'm hoping a couple of my cousins will join me at GedMatch so we can see how well it works.

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