Wednesday, August 13, 2014

52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks: #32 Martha Elizabeth Grant Allee

Martha Elizabeth Grant was born about 1846 in Alabama. Her parents, Thomas Jahue Grant and Nancy Jane Allee were married in Lawrence County, Alabama, on June 30, 1844. Martha was the eldest of the seven children that have been discovered so far. The family moved about 1856 from Alabama to Hot Spring County, Arkansas. Just across the county line to the east lived another branch of the Allee family, that of Andrew Lafayette "Fate" Allee.

Fate and Martha would have grown up knowing each other and spending time together at family events. After the end of the Civil War, they married in Saline County, Arkansas, on May 06, 1866. By 1870 they were living in Denton County, Texas. The couple had three children:
  • Josiah Thomas Merrill Allee, born February 11, 1867, in Arkansas
  • Mary Jane Allee, born September 25, 1871, in Texas
  • Abraham Frank Allee, born December 28, 1872, in Texas

Martha Elizabeth Grant Allee died between Frank's birth in 1872 and Fate's second marriage in 1876 in Collin County, Texas. There is information on the web that she died in Plainview; however, that is probably a misunderstanding of oral history. It is much more likely that Martha died in Plano, as did others of the extended Allee family.

I don't have a photo of Martha and her gravesite is unknown; however, a picture of her parents has been shared with me. Thomas Jahue Grant is holding a sword that he must have carried in the War.

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