Saturday, January 12, 2019

Genealogical Goals for 2019

Goals. Resolutions. They are sort of the same thing.

If I don't share goals, than I'm not accountable, right? So I'm sharing my genealogical goals for the next year. At the end of 2019, I'll see how I did.

In no particular order:
  1. Attend one genealogy conference.
  2. Take one genealogy field trip.
  3. Visit NARA in DC. Review at least three Civil War military files.
  4. Update and document the steps so I can do it more easily the next time. I owe corrections and additions to several cousins.
  5. Correct the spelling of every Swedish source and parish in my database. Tedious, but necessary.
  6. Remove distant Pelton branches from my database. They are not useful and the source book has been acknowledged by the author to be deficient.
  7. Use MyHeritage more. Deal with Smart Matches and DNA at least monthly. Add ancestors to fully support the 6 DNA tests that I have on that site.
  8. Visit FTDNA monthly to review new DNA matches for 4 tests. Add ancestors and trees to support the tests that are currently not properly supported. Revisit the Maddox project and my cousin's Y-DNA test.
  9. Find the birth record for cousin R's elusive Swedish ancestress. This is a challenge, but I'm determined. It will require DNA sleuthing.
  10. Complete the last two posts for the blog They Remember Arizona. This  little series just needs to be wrapped up. Also check all links within the series.
  11. Post once a month to the blog Murder at Mauvaisterre Creek. Set aside the extra research and tell the story.
  12. Fully migrate from the old Family Tree Maker 11 to Roots Magic. This will be the hardest goal to achieve, as I like how fast I can do data input in my old friend, FTM. It's very dated, though, and has some issues.
That should keep me plenty busy.


  1. You will be busy for sure. I have been trying to weed out paperwork I don't need to keep. Also been filling in blanks for ancestors, adding as much missing information as I can. Debating on trying to get back to blogging.

    I really like using Roots Magic and hope you soon will also.

  2. Thanks for the encouragement on Roots Magic. Paperwork is an eternal problem for sure!