Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Tuesday's Tip -- Cousin Bait

How do you connect with the distant cousins who can collaborate with you on your photos and your genealogical puzzles? You use cousin bait, of course.

The term cousin bait has been bandied about the genealogy community for a while -- I didn't make it up. If you've posted queries on forums, mailing lists or in newsletters, you've used cousin bait.

But what about your blog? Have you considered using a blog posting to help cousins find you? It's certainly another tool in your toolkit.

Your blog post needs to be formatted in such a way that someone searching for a particular ancestor will get a good hit from their search engine. Keep the important facts close together. Tell enough, but not everything you know. Leave them wanting more. Include your relationship to the ancestor you are describing.

Tomorrow I'll post some cousin bait about a mystery person for whom I have very little information and three possible spellings of her last name. I want to keep that post very simple and to the point. I don't want to lose a contact to a lot of words.

Meanwhile, I have not posted a layout in a while, so will share one that is part of my screen saver series. Here's my great-grandmother's cousin Wid, William Aaron Maddix.

ClubScrap Haberdashery digital kit

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